New Sales People!

Be Successful Right From the Start!

What would you rather do?

Watch a salesperson increase their production 17.8%, or

Watch them clean out their desk?

Countless managers tell us getting sales people up to speed and selling quickly is a real challenge.

If only there was a way to have them understand selling from the Buyer's perspective that was quick and easy.


Couple explaining sales skills to business person

Are Your Sales People Making It?

Sending them to a half day or one day seminar, listening to CD’s or Video Tape sounds good, yet what results do you get? Most agree, marginal results if any at all.



So how do you economically get these results without breaking the budget or consuming day’s worth of time?

Introducing “Quick Start Sales 101”

An internet based development program that will move your salespeople to a productive level!

Just imagine your sales force showing progress each day and no traveling, time away or lost work days!

Climbing Sales

This program will create the following outcomes for you and your team:

  • Knowing the ” Buying Process”, this puts the salesperson in control!
  • Effectively “Engaging” customers and moving them through the process!
  • Being able to “Question” in way that gets people to act and buy!
  • Getting your product into the customers “Picture” and take possession!
  • The ability to know which “prospects” are the best “customers”!
  • “Closing” made easy by getting costumers to buy instead of selling them!
  • The art of “up-selling” made easy to increase sales volume and profit!
  • How to turn “follow-up” into repeat customers and sales!
  • And a lot more…..!

Interestingly a recent survey of exiting sales people indicated 80% left sales because they had no selling skills training! This includes direct selling and retail!

Enroll Today, Start realizing your true potential!

You don’t have to believe everything we say, because we will give you a guarantee! Ever been offered that before?  We’ve be en asked many times, “How do I know this is going to work?” The answer is, “It’s guaranteed!”

How can we possibly guarantee a result from something we can’t control?   Simple, we’ve been doing training for over 30 years and know what works! Believe me, this program works!

"I learned to listen; this allows me to bridge the gaps between what I know and what they want. This has also helped me to overcome objections. This was very enjoyable,...Casey B.: Sales: Moorhead, MN

  • So, how do I get started?

  • What’s the cost?
  • What’s included?
  • What’s the guarantee all about?

“Quick Start Sales 101"

What’s included?

  • Full written material with examples and information on each concept! PDF format.
  • Audio files that provide you insight into how the concepts work, how you can apply them and more examples. MP3 format
  • Workbook formats that become your resource manual about your product in your words.   These are emailed back and forth from our coaches until you have the concept down! You have your words and the coach's words for your review now and into the future!
  • Dr. Kevin Hogan's Book "The Science of Influence - How to get anyone to say yes in 8 Minutes or less!"
  • Email access to our coaches through out the program sessions!

Enroll Today, Start realizing your true potential!