Sales Professionals

Persuasive Presentations for Greater Income$$

As a sales professional the value of being perceived as a knowledgeable professional is priceless!

Presenting to the Board of Directors, the Buying Committee or even just the CEO/COO/CFO can be the gate way to huge sales and commissions! OR it can be one of the most intimidating situations one can experience :(


PERSONAL INSIGHT: It is amazing to me how many sales professionals I meet that can not or will not present an idea to a group. The FEAR of Public Speaking is so great they will leave the company before they will get in front of a group! Generally I find these sales people being in the mid to lower ranks of performance! The ability to speak to one or one thousand is more powerful an ability than any other selling skill. Those you can present to groups earn 4-5 times what others do!!


  • Ever wish you could present your ideas like a top motivational speaker?
  • Want to get over the tight stomach every time you present?
  • Want to persuade groups, not just inform them?
  • Want to just be able to stand up and not faint?
  • Want to be Confident in any situation and show it!

This program is a full participation format with consistent information provided by on site trainers to facilitate the learning and coaching process. That means you get over the fear, the butter fly's and now persuade when you speak!

What’s in it for me?

  1. Helps you overcome the fear of public speaking
  2. Allows you to speak with more confidence
  3. Teaches you how to overcome nervousness
  4. Allows you to connect with the participants
  5. Helps you become a more effective communicator
  6. Teaches you how to motivate and inspire your audience
  7. Empowers you to take the attention off self and focus on your message
  8. Gives you the skills required for quicker career advancement
  9. Helps you become a valuable player on your team
  10. Teaches you to think “on your feet” in meetings and in front of a crowd
  11. Gives you the skills to use body language as an asset
  12. Enables you to use verbal and non-verbal techniques to persuade an audience


The Program Overview:

  • Non-Verbal Skills for Successful Presentations

  • Appearance -Posture - Gestures - Eye Contact- Facial Expression-Verbal Skills for Successful Presentations

  • Voice - Persuasive Story Telling - Developing your story -Adding Persuasion-Techniques for Results for Successful Presentations
  • Audience Involvement - Question and Answer Session- Audio-Visual Aids-Humor-MC Introductions- Group Dynamics


Presentation SkillsFortune 500

Will help you understand, learn, and master the art of connecting your verbal content and your non-verbal signals for maximum impact. You will learn techniques that make the difference between being a mere presenter or a powerful communicator.

  • Imagine your confidence after presenting in a safe environment that moves your comfort zone WAY out!
  • Imagine being able to view yourself immediately on video tape and have additional coaching!
  • Imagine being able to handle interviews and pressure situations with ease!

A full series of follow-up sessions is also available for this program!

Structure, time, materials

This program runs a minimum of 2 full action packed days,  for maximum effect. Full days are 8 hours of training time including theory, practice and coaching. These will be consecutive days.

One Year!

Also included in the program is e-mail access to the trainer for questions, clarifications and strategies pertaining to presentation skills for one year. In addition all participants receive our Weekly Business Bulletin until they cancel their free subscription. Go to the top right of this page to sign on to The Influencer yourself

Materials will include a complete manual and workbook for each participant. Audio CD’s, E-books and printed books will also be available at an additional investment.


PERSONAL INSIGHT: I still remember my first public presentation to an export group of business people at the Governors Conference.  Initially I thought a few dozen people until I stood up and there were hundreds! People lined up along the walls, Federal Government Officials, The Governor etc! Yes the podium was shaking, but then I remembered my short training experience, moved from out behind the podium and connected with the group. The 30 minutes seemed like only 5 and I needed more time to get it all in. The media wanted to talk to me rather than the Government Officials. Yes, anyone can do this, if this old farm boy can!


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