If Sales is about relationships, then how does one understand others and create fantastic relationships?

The ability to quickly read others, the situation and adapt is key to sales, persuasion and influence.

DiSC Profiles provide the edge through understanding, observing and reading others and being able to adapt.

Understanding the what and why for better outcomes!

  • Every wonder why some peoples view of the world, behaviors and thinking are so different from your own?
  • If only one could get into their head and figure out what they are thinking and why they think that way!

How much better could we  sell and persuade if we understood why people think the way they do?

Profiles can:

  • Provide Sales Insight into how the customer thinks!

  • Enhance Sales Relationships, people connect better!

  • Give Salespeople an edge by understanding customers thinking!

DISC Behavior Profiles

Disc profile graphThe following pages give you an overview of the many profiles available to your organization through AskHG.com . We have been certified and trained on these profiles and all are available to be taken on line or in paper form. As you view the description, consider the potential outcomes if your people had more insight into themselves and others in these areas.

EPIC, the Electronic Profile Information Center, is Inscape's new product platform. It provides a simple way to deliver profiles via the internet. Through EPIC, organizations can use their training time more effectively. Employees can complete their assessments online in advance of training sessions, ensuring that every minute of training time is used to its full advantage. Plus, the EPIC system takes care of scoring the profiles, saving time and increasing accuracy.

Twenty-four questions -

Graph  19,000 individual responses =

384 possible behavioral styles!

Think this can give you and your team some great insights and better outcomes with teams, clients and co-workers?

Personal Insight: When I first became aware of the DiSC it was an unbelievable eye opener to peoples behavior, thinking and actions. Suddenly I understood why others did what they did!

The reason I utilize the DiSC in my training is because of the simplicity in using it. No numbers or alphabets to memorize or get confused with. Rather a very straight forward understanding of what to observe in action, language and environment of others and suddenly you know how to adapt to them for greater results. Simple, not complicated.

Enhanced Report Options:

The EPIC platform offers enhanced report options and introduces deeper levels of interpretation. The system offers reports and features not available in Inscape's paper profiles through a variety of auxiliary features, ranging from composite group results to overviews of a team's interpersonal relationships. EPIC also gives organizations the capability to build group reports from data stored in the system, providing an analysis of team dynamics. As teams change, new group reports can be generated from existing data, adding new understanding without requiring more training time.

DiSC PRODUCTS Available For Your Sales Team

What Sales Challenges are You Facing?

Great for hiring and screening key applicants!

  • DISC Preview
  • DISC Personal Profile System - Windows Version
  • DISC Personal Development Profile - Phrase Version
  • DISC Biblical Personal Profile System
  • DiSC Relationship Profile
  • DiSC Sales Action Planner
  • DiSC Management Action Planner
  • DiSC Customer Service Action Planner
  • DiSC Managing Performance Action Planner
  • DiSC Talk! Action Planner
  • DiSC People Reading Cards
  • QuikDiSC Card Game

Greater description of each is below

Overviews of Profiles Available....

The DiSC Classic is the base of all profiles, others such as Sales, Listening, Attitude are added to the base profile.

Pricing and contact information at the bottom of the page.

DiSC Classic Profile

Inscape Publishing has established a standard for self understanding with the

Disc Quadrants

DiSC Classic. With 30 years of proven reliability and over 40 million users,

the DiSC Classic remains the most trusted learning instrument in the industry. It is used worldwide in dozens of training and coaching applications, including organizational development, performance improvement, change management, communications, customer service, sales, conflict resolution and team development.

The DiSC Classic Profile is available in two versions, paper and online.

Comparison of DISC versus Meyer-Briggs Profiles Here:

Team Dimensions Profile

Successful team members don't do the same thing at the same time. They do the right thing at the right time. And while team members work together toward a common goal, individuals still must play their separate parts in the process.

The Team Dimensions Profile helps teams:

  • identify individual approaches to innovative teamwork
  • match individual strengths with team roles
  • reinforce and appreciate the contributions of others
  • reduce team stress and conflict
  • foster trust and build mutual support
  • encourage team innovation and problem-solving
  • reduce project cycle time and increase productivity

The Team Dimensions Profile is available in two versions, paper and online.

Discovering Diversity Profile

Responding effectively to diversity issues takes the commitment and understanding of every individual in the organization.  Meet the challenge with the Discovering Diversity Profile and turn inclusion into a success strategy for this year, and beyond.

The Discovering Diversity Profile helps individuals in organizations:

  • discover their personal comfort level with people who are different
  • understand the impact of their behavior on others
  • limit the influence of stereotypes
  • reduce conflict
  • transform knowledge into acceptance and empathy
  • embrace diversity as a source of organizational strength

The Discovering Diversity Profile is available in two versions, paper and online.

Work Expectations Profile

Work expectations are those things people consider likely to happen in their job situation, either now or in the future. Whether spoken or unspoken, met or unmet, expectations have a powerful impact on our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and play a key role in driving our attitudes. In a typical employment situation, certain expectations - such as salary, hours and job duties - are clearly understood both by employer and employee.

Research shows that people who have clearly defined, well-communicated expectations find more satisfaction and success in their work than people whose expectations go unspoken or unrealized. And companies that employ satisfied, successful people reap the rewards of increased productivity and reduced turnover.

The Work Expectations Profile is available in two versions, paper and online.

Time Mastery Profile

If you could reduce your staff's wasted time by just five minutes every hour, productivity would jump 8.3%. Efficiency levels would also rise as employees began to devote more time to completing critical tasks. Save your organization time and money with the Time Mastery Profile. This self-assessment tool looks at individual effectiveness in 12 categories: attitudes, goals, priorities, analyzing, planning, scheduling, interruptions, meetings, written communications, delegation, procrastination and team time. It includes a workbook with practical tips and a detailed framework for a personal action plan under each of the 12 categories.

The Time Mastery Profile is available in two versions, paper and online.

Dimensions of Leadership Profile

Use the Dimensions of Leadership Profile to encourage everyone to examine leadership issues from three perspectives:  self as leader, someone else as leader, and leadership needs of the situation. You will discover new

leadership potential at all levels of the organization and gain insight into creating committed followers.

Organizations use the Dimensions of Leadership Profile to help people:

  • discover personal leadership characteristics
  • develop an understanding of the leader-follower relationship
  • encourage acceptance of different approaches to leadership
  • match leadership approaches to organizational needs
  • recognize the strengths in shared leadership

Personal Listening Profile

Behavioral research shows that people approach listening with different purposes and with different motivations related to achieving that purpose. The Personal Listening Profile helps people discover their preferred or most natural approach to listening as they gain insight into the different listening approaches of others. The profile identifies five listening approaches as Appreciative, Empathic, Comprehensive, Discerning and Evaluative.

Organizations use the Personal Listening Profile to:

  • enhance communication
  • strengthen customer relationships
  • improve management effectiveness
  • reduce conflict
  • develop leaders
  • boost productivity

The Personal Listening Profile is available in two versions, paper and online.

Coping & Stress Profile

FrustrationToday's workplace demands high performance of its employees, but that no longer means putting work ahead of everything else. Organizations formerly disregarded the need to balance life outside of work and accepted the fact that productivity suffered as a result. Today's more dynamic, team-oriented organizations require flexible, creative, sustainable performance, the kind that comes with people who know how to balance the urgent demands of work life and personal life without sacrificing either.

The Coping & Stress Profile helps people in organizations:

  • discover stress issues in each life area and capitalize on coping strengths to manage stress
  • learn to minimize or eliminate common daily stressors
  • identify areas for coping skills improvement
  • develop flexibility in responding to change
  • communicate more effectively to improve problem-solving
  • build mutually supportive relationships

Personal Learning Insights Profile

The Personal Learning Insights Profile is a self-directed learning instrument that helps people identify and understand how they experience, process, organize, store and retrieve information. The profile provides a valid, reliable framework for exploring three important components of cognitive learning: Learning Purpose, Learning Structure and Learning Activity.

The Profile helps individuals and facilitators clearly understand and communicate different learning needs, develop effective formal learning opportunities, and capitalize on informal learning across a wide range of applications, including:

  • personal and career development
  • management and leadership development
  • communications skills
  • team building
  • coaching and mentoring
  • performance improvement
  • group facilitation skills

The Personal Learning Insights Facilitator's Kit includes one manual, research and technical background information, a fully scripted seminar, two profiles and PowerPoint presentations on disk.

Adventures in Attitudes

Adventures in Attitudes is a pre-packaged program designed to help employees understand that how they perceive and respond to events around them is their choice.  It is key to establishing personal responsibility and accountability in the midst of change.

Adventures in Attitudes provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to:

  • increase self-awareness and affirm strengths
  • learn to transform negative attitudes
  • develop effective listening and communication skills
  • overcome self-imposed limitations
  • improve relationships
  • achieve new levels of performance
  • learn effective approaches to problem-solving

DISC Products for Students

I-Sight DiSC Instrument For Youth Product I-Sight:

Description: A Way to Understand Yourself and Others, is a unique learning profile developed for young people, ages 12 -18. Using the DiSC Dimensionsof Behavior model, I-Sight creates positive self-awareness and understanding of others by helping young people recognize and accept behavioral differences.

The I-Sight instrument reinforces some things students already know about themselves, and reveals new,

objective ways of looking at how their behavior impacts others. It also gives them a framework for interacting more effectively with people who are different from themselves.

History and Source:

Origianator or DISCThese profiles help us looking at why different people seem to act and react differently in similar situations. By understanding others behavior style we can be better prepared to communicate, persuade and work with them for a better outcome.

If we also understand and know our own behavior type, we can modify our approach to better fit the situation. This can also help us understand our strengths and how to use them while developing strategies to lessen the effect of our perceived weaker areas.

The DISC model is the four quadrant behavioral model based on the work of William Moulton Marston Ph.D. (1893 - 1947) to examine the behavior of individuals in their environment or within a specific situation.

DISC looks at behavioral styles and behavioral preferences. Marston, the father of the DISC, was a graduate of Harvard University. Among his contributions in his profession Marston was a consulting psychologist, researcher and author of five books, which he either wrote or co-authored. He was published in the American Journal of Psychology, The Encyclopedia of Psychology, and The Encyclopedia Britannica.

Ironically Marston is better known in many circles for his work in developing the lie detector. Another interesting factoid is that he also was the creator, writer and producer of "Wonder Woman," introducing into comic strips as the role model of a strong female.

It was Marston’s 1928 "Emotions of Normal People", which introduced the DISC theory to the public. He defined four categories of human behavioral style, type or temperament, which are 1. Dominance, 2. Influence (Marston chose the term inducement), 3. Steadiness or Stability (originally submission) and 4. Compliant, Conscientious, or Cautious, (originally compliance). Interestingly enough Marston never developed his D.I.S.C. model into a four quadrant model though now-a-days DISC has become one of the most popular four quadrant models, with various companies using quadrants, circles, wheels, and diamonds to graphically represent the positioning of behavioral and personality styles and types.

The main DISC Behavioral Report consist of just twenty-four questions and can graph over 19,000 individual responses, resulting in 384 possible behavioral styles.

The Product:

There are 28 different types

of profiles and reports available that assist you and your team in determining the best way to work with each other for maximum results.

Classic DISC Personal Profile

Behavioral Analysis

Sales Profiles

Management Profiles

Customer Service Profiles

Listening Profiles

Team Dimensions

Time Mastery Profile

Work Expectations Profile

Group Profiles are available in all of the above

Product Delivery:

The profile tests are all available on line for each individual to take. Reports can than be printed, down loaded or saved to media right from the web site. Results can be hidden from candidates and available only to Management if desired, or candidate can have full access to the outcome report, your choice.

Once all the participants of a group have completed the testing, a group report can be made available through printing, down loading or saved to media. This is a great tool for understanding potential conflict or collaboration points in the team.

All tests are also available to be taken in paper form, but will not be able to supply reports until fully evaluated by hand. Online is immediate.

Evaluation Assistance:

AskHG.com  is available to assist a person or group in evaluating the report as well as coaching or training in how to maximize the results. This will be charged by the hour and person and can take a few hours to several days depending upon the depth of evaluation and training desired.

DISC basic profiles, web based $39.00 each  (Add Listening/Sales/Management etc additional cost.)

With 30 minute evaluation $100.00 each

Additional evaluation/coaching $50.00 per hour per person

Company and group profiles/ evaluations/ training are on a situational cost basis.

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