Increasing Sales Is Your Company’s Key to Having More of Everything:

More Revenue, More Momentum & More Retention of Your Shining Stars

Here’s How to Get There…

You know how important it is to have a constant flow of sales victories, but does your sales force know how to make it happen consistently?

Being able to sell in any economic climate is paramount to having a leg up on your competition. The first step is to transform your sales department into a more resilient force of nature, overcoming resistance and exuding confidence day in and day out.  Only then will your company be able to reach that next level of sales performance.

It’s for this reason that your sales professionals must enhance their know-how on the critical topics of influence and persuasion, so they can have more skill and swagger in this cut-throat arena.

So how is your Sales Development different than the hundreds of Guru's, Books and Programs out there?

That may be the most important question there is!

If you believe sales and buying has changed, has your sales thinking, approach and strategy changed? Are you and your team one of those stuck in the "Old Paradigm" of selling facts/feature/benefits and product focused?

Yes, many of the old ideas, tactics and process will work today. But, shouldn't the real question be, "What is most effective in today's market?" Are conversion rates of 20% really acceptable and efficient? Would you accept that kind of success rate from you Doctor?

Personal insight: For years I used, taught and coached the old facts/features/benefits to hundreds of sales teams. Yes, they improved their sales. Why did I use and teach these sales methods? Because that is what I knew at the time! Matter of fact the Science of Influence and Persuasion was virtually none existent in the 80's! With a couple of decades  researching, studying and personal implementation, my thinking, viewpoint and beliefs have changed! Guess what, so have my personal results with conversion rates in the 90% range.


That is where the "New Sales Paradigm" comes in. We believe and see the results when our clients thinking changes from "selling something" to "assisting clients through the decision process".Yes, this is a significant change!

What results have sales organizations experienced?

  • Higher sales conversion  or closing rates, many into the 90% range!
  • Shorter buying cycles, many times cutting the buying cycle in half!
  • Higher margins per sale and elimination of price issues!
  • Higher gross sales per customer, same effort, more return!
  • Trust building to a much higher level, you become top and first of mind!

Of course results will vary, yet is what you and your team are doing today really...

  • Taking market share?
  • Growing revenues?
  • Maximizing profit margins?

Be honest now, is there more share there for you? Is the team at full capacity? Maximizing their capability?


Personal Insight: For years I thought about writing a book on sales, but there were hundreds out there, all saying the same thing! It was after utilizing the Influence & Persuasion Science that The Selling Gap emerged! There are many Gap's in selling, but how many salespeople really know how to effectively take customers through a decision process, change management  and overcoming internal/external barriers to taking action?


Here is your chance to fill your sales team’s tool bag with functional, usable tools that work!

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