Do you want to DRIVE others or would you rather ETHICALLY PERSUADE others?

Is there a difference? Absolutely!!

sales training fargo, askhg.comLeadership is about gaining Commitment which is more than simple Compliance. Which will serve you and those you lead better? Commitment or Compliance?

W e are pleased to announce our affiliation with Dr. Kevin Hogan's best selling book The Psychology of Persuasion .  We are licensed by Dr. Kevin Hogan to present the principles found in this best selling book. Several different programs are available for your Leadership Teams, but not at Dr. Hogans rates :)

Who is Dr. Kevin Hogan? A clinical psychologist, an entrepreneur, a consultant with the Euro Banks - Polish Government - Fortune 500 companies - major magazines. What could his knowledge do for your team?


So is this the same old rehashed leadership techniques that has been out there for decades?

NO WAY! Most of this material has been researched in just the past couple of decades and most leadership teams have no clue as to how these tools, ideas and concepts work, much less that they exist!

Personal Insight: For years I taught and used the old approach of either praise, pray or pry to get compliance from others, and yes I was successful, but man was it hard and frustrating work! After meeting with Dr. Hogan and attending several of his training and coaching sessions, my brain was rewired!

The understanding of true ethical persuasion put the old idea of leadership on its head!

Since digesting and applying the Ethical Persuasion tools, my personal leadership approaches have completely changed.  It is far easier to get true commitment from others, not just compliance, that last!  Those that we have trained say the same!

Known and recognized around the world - The Psychology of Persuasion:

How to Persuade Others to Your Way of Thinking, has been translated into numerous languages.

The Psychology of Persuasion program is presented around the world as one that delivers incredible results for people who Influence others.

Your Leadership Team will learn:

*  The 10 Laws of Influence and how to apply them daily

*  Nonverbal Communication that gets more Yes than No

*  Persuasion Techniques to lead others to a Yes decision

*  The Latest in the Field of Persuasion, updated weekly by Dr. Hogan

*  Instant Development of Rapport to start the commitment process on the right foot

*  Read Body Language Effectively and both read and send persuasive signals we all give off

*  So much more!


Sales of the book, The Psychology of Persuasion continues to be strong 15 years after its release.  Businesses, groups, associations, meetings, and conventions around the world continue to reap the rewards of Dr. Kevin Hogan's work today.

What keeps a book on the top sellers list for so long?

Obviously it has VALUE and CONTENT!

OK that word Psychology brings about all kinds of scary thoughts and images. Twelve syllable words, incomprehensible wording and dry, dry, dry!

Not to Worry! This is easy to understand and done with easy application in mind. Yes we get into peoples heads and show your leadership team the simple way to do the same! No big words or confusing concepts, it's all boiled down to plain language with everyday examples and applications. You and your team will "get it" quickly and easily.

Then watch out, the leadership team will gain more commitment from their teams with a confidence they had not experienced before!


Whether you are looking for someone to deliver a keynote speech or a comprehensive year long program, our  high energy, high content facilitators will give your team immediately applicable material to their business and life.

Program course format available in 1, 2, 3, 4, & 7 Hour, 1 or 2 Day, or a comprehensive format continuing for up to a year.

You haven't called yet? Nothing happens until you act!

Call today and begin your road to being more Influential and Persuasive!

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Licensed to by: Dr. Kevin Hogan