Turn managers into performance coaches!

Want to develop a Results Focused Environment and Culture?

  • Too many times we find mangers and supervisors being autocratic, process driven or overly structured in their leadership approach.
  • People and teams are dynamic, thus the need for leaders that can direct and use that dynamic force for growth and performance!
  • It's not always their fault! Most of the time they simply do not have another reference or the tools and skills required!  But they can be acquired!

That is why this program focuses on develop the thinking skills along with application skills that create a performance based culture. In other words, focusing on the Results needed from the staff and team and developing the skills to help them meet that performance!

This includes skills in:

Turn Managers Into Coaches

  • Creating the right atmosphere and culture!
  • Determining skills and strengths of the people and team.
  • Building on the strengths of the people or team!
  • Developing self-accountability in individuals, teams, called commitment!
  • Problem solving to solve the problem permanently!
  • Creative thinking to move out of the box!
  • Coaching skills to build long term performance!
  • Communications dynamics eliminate mis-communication's that cost!
  • Socratic questioning to gain understanding faster! Great coaching tool!
  • Planning skills so everyone is on the same page!
  • Change management that moves everyone towards the goal!
  • Working with group dynamics to get group commitment!
  • Developing leadership in others and deepen the leadership pool!
  • Effective delegation skills that build people!
  • and more.

Question Mark

What Have Been the Results

If you have used the one day seminar with a speaker,

has there been a performance change?

If you have used the standard educational approach of class room lecture,

has there been a performance change?

If you have used video tapes and CD programs,

has there been a performance change?

Then get on board with a dynamic approach that maximizes participation, coaching and spaced time to develop true long term changes.

How about 10 real life application projects that apply to your business?

What outcomes would you like to see in your business?

  • Highly productive teams that accomplish more in less time?
  • Personnel that are not just compliant, but committed to getting results?
  • A team that can be creative and develop more profitable answers?
  • A work force that functions on its own without constant supervision?
  • Have leaders that can lead individuals and teams to a higher performance?
  • Mangers that function as coaches and build good people that stay?
  • List more of your own here……

It's interesting that in all of our educational systems, colleges and much of our business training these skills are not taught! In many classes the concepts may be mentioned, but are there any skills really built?

Is it any wonder that our supervisors, managers and leaders are so often times ill equipped for the challenges of people management and leadership!

How do we get it done for you?

By taking the proven concepts and the associated skills that have been tested to work for other successful organizations and leaders, we create the outcomes we need. Then we work on the knowledge and concepts that are behind the skills that make them work!

So what does it take to make this happen for your organization?

Simply call 701-373-0114 or drop an email to HG@AskHG.com to set up a consultation meeting with your key people and discuss the outcomes you need to accomplish the next level of performance in your company.

Our initial consultations are free to you and your company. The results you get from a comment to developing your team will pay massive dividends for years to come!

Want results Today? You have to call Today! Contact us!

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Program outline:


Building Leaders



Determining what is Management vs. Leadership

  • Qualities of Management - Qualities of Leadership

The People side of Leadership

  • Variations in people and behaviors
  • Understanding the different personality types and their strengths
  • Determining your behavior style, Full DISC profile
  • Communications and decision making of the different types
  • Determining strength and abilities of others
  • Building on strengths and abilities.
  • Communications dynamics
  • Determining needs, values, motives and decision process of others.
  • Developing listening abilities
  • Communicating on their level in their language

The Tools

  • Coaching for performance
  • What is coaching?
  • Coaching skills
  • Using cycles as a coaching tool
  • Emotional Intelligence and coaching
  • Accountability
  • What is accountability?
  • Delegation skills
  • Creating self-accountability
  • Coaching the self-perception for higher performance
  • Planning, goals and performance
  • Tools for problem solving & Creative thinking
  • The planning and goal setting process
  • Tying performance into planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Time management - Utilizing time and assets
  • Plan for the future
  • Review of the program
  • Final Statements

The Structure & Investment:

The program structure is 6 half day sessions with a half day follow-up session 30 days and 60 days after the training.

The 24 hour program can be structured in several ways to meet your needs for in-house groups.

Materials include a participants manual and workbook ($75) , a full DISC profile ($100) and supportive materials.