Leadership is about gaining commitment from others,

not just compliance!

So what is Leadership?

Is it getting it done no matter what needs to happen?

Is it charging up the hill like Teddy Roosevelt?

Is it making others do what you want done?

Are Leaders born?

Are Leaders made?

There are many lively conversations about this word Leadership and what it means. No wonder many managers, supervisors and salespeople are confused!

Our question to you is ..

“What would more Leadership capability do for You?”

“Your Company?”

Imagine for a moment …..

  • Executives that build strong teams and develop other strong leaders.
  • Mangers that get full cooperation from all levels of the work force.
  • Supervisors that finally “get it” and operations runs like a fine Swiss Watch.
  • Salespeople are more effective in holding margins and getting more sales production.
  • You having less frustration because of “people problems” and having more planning time.
  • The “Peter Principle” does not exist in your organization and bottle necks are gone.
  • All the right people are in the right place for the right reasons.
  • Your management and sales force are forceful and effective negotiators.
  • The word “conflict” just does not exist in your organization.
  • The level of “understanding” and “communications” is at an unbelievable high.

Yes, I understand one can dream about such things, but really, is it possible?

Let me assure you, there are countless organizations today experiencing many if not all the items listed!   So did it just happen one day? I’ll bet not.   What has been documented in creating such a dream includes….

  • A deep understanding of people and what makes different people function.
  • A high level of skill in communications abilities such as questioning, listening and presenting ideas.
  • The ability to read a situation from several views and observe the communications quos.
  • A tool box full of many different kinds and types of tools along with the ability to apply them.
  • A self-confident attitude and ability to use critical thinking and decision skills.
  • An ability to pick the right people based on skills and strengths and maximizes those abilities.
  • An ability to coach others for performance as well as be coached.
  • A strong continual commitment to personal growth.
  • Continual development of people and talent at all levels.

Yes I realize many of your key people may posses these traits and abilities or they would not be in Leadership roles.

The real question is …  “How much better could they be? Have they reached their top potential?” Unfortunately many organizations fall into a “Comfort Zone”, they are profitable, sales are good, turnover is down and production is up! Life is good! There is nothing wrong with being comfortable, put it on coast for awhile, after all, you earned it!

What’s this, the market changed? Where did this new competitor come from? How did they accomplish that so fast? They took our best customers? Our profits are down? Sales are dipping? Turnover is up? They’re kicking our butts!   That is what happens when organizations get “Comfortable” and leadership stops developing itself and the team. We have seen it happen all too often!

No it’s not really your fault.

Business takes a lot of time and energy. There are new markets and products; production has to be on target; the stock holders or partners have their opinions; cash flow needs attention as well as a list longer than your arm! How can you possibly be coaching all the leaders on your team with all this going on? Besides, coaching others may not be your greatest strength!


That is where The Leadership Strategies for a Competitive Edge comes in!   Take the secrets to Leadership that organizations around the world are using to build stronger Leaders in their teams. Add the concepts of Ethical Persuasion and Advanced Communications from the latest technical research and you have a powerful new set of tools and understanding for your Leaders to use.   (Technical research from experts Dr. Kevin Hogan, Dr. Eric Knowles , Dr. Dan Schaefer , our associates and mentors.)   Now put this into a full participation program with time for application in the real world. What do you get? RESULTS!

Yes, here are some of those specific skill areas….

If we stopped right here you would have a power packed program! Well worth the time, investment and effort! But we just got started with the foundation.

You and your team will also get ….

  • The 10 Laws of Persuasion that are effectively used on you every day, why not master them yourself.
  • The latest information on the Omega Strategies to overcome or remove resistance up front.
  • Mastering the art of resolving conflict and objections once and for all.
  • Understanding and be able to coach others and build their self-perception or long term results.

In addition to the high quality concepts you also get..

  • A full size work book to help you apply the concepts to you real world!
  • This along with the book that is the foundation of Ethical Persuasion,

    The Psychology of Persuasion, by Dr. Kevin Hogan (We are a Licensed Affiliate of Dr. Hogan)

  • As well as The Selling Gap, by Harlan Goerger & Greg Deal, the latest concepts on selling your ideas
  • Full access to the trainer by email or phone in between the sessions.

  • A free subscription to The Influencer, the weekly leadership bulletin

The investment and package:

The materials alone sell for several hundred dollars! Then throw in the full DISC profile that usually goes for $100.00 and you have a great value already!

We know your busy and this is going to take some time and effort, so we schedule the (4) four full day sessions only once per week. The nice part is this gives you time to think, apply and try the ideas before they fade away. You can get results the very next day!

I know you love to travel, sit in airports and live in hotel rooms. The cost of travel alone to a Leadership Seminar across the country will cost more than the total for this program!   Provided locally, this will save you time, money and hassle and you can be home every night!   While I have seen and attended programs that with travel cost $6,000 per person and do not have the content this program does.

I recently talked to one company that is investing $25,000 per person and they are gone for two weeks at a time each quarter! That does not include the travel and motel!   I also cringe when a business owner says their training and development is the local Chamber Luncheon or Tech School 1-2 hour lecture for $25. I’ve put them on! They are not training.    So for only $1597.00 you get all the concepts and ideas, books and materials, live instruction and coaching as well as access in between sessions! The best part is its right here out your front door!