Harlan will provide small group or one on one coaching in his many areas of expertise. One thing about Harlan's coaching is no "fluff". If you want feel good conversations at your expense, this is not the place!

On the other hand, should you want quick results that last and true meaningful conversations with punch; then Harlan's coaching sessions are the ticket for more results.

Coaching sessions can be live, face to face sessions, phone sessions or Skype calls. All types of communications may be used to maximize the impact for the client as well as the ease.

Executive & CEO Coaching:

It is often lonely at the top. Who does that CEO, President or Owner really have to talk to about their issues? Having challenges in personnel, decision making, strategizing, seeing the big picture or just a sounding board? This level of coaching is about taking top people and moving them to a higher level of competence and ability. Feel you or your team are hitting a glass ceiling? Want to break through to another level of performance and competence?

Sales Coaching:

So you want to be a top sales producer! Your doing great now but want even more! Coaching one on one with Harlan will give you insights into you, your customer and advanced persuasion and influence ideas. If you see yourself accomplishing more, with less effort in less time and earning 2-4 times your current income, you need to contact Harlan.

Individual Performance Coaching:

You may have heard of "life coaches", but Harlan is a "performance" coach. Every individual has greater potential than they are using. The challenge is how to tap that potential and maximize it in your life!

You do not have to be a business leader or top sales person to tap your true potential. Anyone can impact the world around them with a bit of guidance, a dose of reality, plenty of optimistic belief and real skills.

Harlan will guide you to higher performance in your life and help you positively impact the world around you!

Fee Structure:

Coaching is billed on a per hour basis. In order to assure the clients success and follow through, a minimum of six (6) hours is billed in advance. This creates a "I paid for it, I'm going to use it!" attitude.

The per hour fee for all coaching sessions is $200.00 per hour. Packages can be arranged with a reduced fee.