Peer to Peer Development

Group of Like Minded

CEO's, Presidents and Owners.

Jerry started his business ten years ago and has experienced steady growth.

Along the way there has been some great advice from close friends, vendors and other business people.

But now his business has changed from the simple start-up with a few people to a 10 million dollar business with 50 people involved. The growth potential is there, but who does Jerry turn to for insights or even just a sounding board for his ideas? Who else understands what he is up against both business wise as well as personally?

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The Answer:

The concept of a peer to peer group in business is not new. Napoleon Hill emphasized the importance of a "Master Mind Group" in his still best selling book, Think & Grow Rich in 1937. Like minded people have always gathered together in order to tap into the power of many rather than the one.

“I have been a member of Harlan’s CEO Solutions Group for over a year now, and have been challenged, held accountable, and pushed repeatedly out of my comfort zone.  Harlan’s work has helped me to become a more effective leader and helped my company to grow.  I highly recommend all of his sales and leadership training.  “ 
Deb LaRue, President/Co-Owner, Naylor Heating & Refrigeration, Bemidji, MN 56601
The outcome? More clarity of thinking and better decisions for one! Expanding or making that new idea a viable one that will now work has been one of the best outcomes from peer to peer groups.

The Solution:

The CEO Solutions is a limited and by invite only group of CEO's, Presidents and Owners of small business that want to improve and grow their business, develop themselves and add value to the world around them.

The CEO group has provided ample amounts of great perspective from other business owners in other industries.  As a younger Entrepreneur, I found out quickly that most of the challenges I experience have been challenges that other business owners and Entrepreneurs already solved, whereas I don’t have to reinvent the wheel; the solution already exists.   This advice and support has saved me a plethora of time that I now and in the past have used for focusing on executing my strategic plans.

Ryan Raguse, President, Myriad Devices, Fargo, ND

What outcomes could you experience with a "board of directors" that meet with you each month and discuss business issues, challenge assumptions, resolve current issues and provide personal growth along with it? Yet this "board of directors" sits in a chair just like yours everyday. They face the same issues, challenges and opportunity as you.

You do not have to go it alone!

Stop the second guessing,

Gain fresh perspectives,

Have a solid sounding board,

Know it is the right decision,

Stop wondering, are you getting the full picture,

Stop the concern over issues that keep coming back to haunt you and

Stop all the things that eat up your time and energy!

Once per month take the time and invest it with others like you. Have open discussions that you know will not leave the confidentiality of the room! Gain insights into how others have dealt with, are dealing with or plan on dealing with the same issues you face today! Gain solutions that drive results today!

Take a reprieve and enjoy learning new skills, gaining new insights and developing higher capability though monthly training sessions that challenge a business owner. Learn from experts on business subject matter each month.

Having been a member of the CEO Solutions Group for almost two years now, I can confidently say that membership in the Group has proved invaluable to both my personal growth as a leader and to the growth of our organization. As the CEO of a small business, sharing ownership of the business with one other individual, and not having the luxury of having a Board of Directors; it is nice to have the support that is available thru the other members of the Group. While many of the members in the Group are in different industries, we have many things in common, such as: leadership, culture, dealing with human resources, customers, etc. The value in having a group of small business owners who wish to help each other is immeasurable and my personal experience has been truly rewarding. 
Thank You, Stephen Halonen, President, JP Structures Inc.
Know that the time investment will be open and results oriented, yet facilitated to maximize the outcomes for all in the group. Yes, each monthly session is facilitated by a trained consultant that understands business, group dynamics and learning environments. That way you and everyone else can obtain the maximum benefit from the time and effort invested.

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The Package:

So how does CEO Solutions work? Here is a general overview of the activities each member participates in.

Once per month half day group session.(Estimated $1100.00 value if done individually)

1:) 12:00 pm  for lunch and short social interaction

2:) Accountability Segment, what has been accomplished in the past 30 days, for the quarter, for the year.

This is cited as the main reason for our members growing their company faster!

3:) Board Room, your business issues on the table for discussion

Topics from people issues, hiring, firing, systems, process, insurance, expansions, buying a business, selling a business, personal challenges, virtually any topic that is on a CEO's plate.

4:)Training or educational session on business skills or topics (Estimated $100-500.00 per mo)

Facilitator conducts specific skills training

Outside resources conduct workshops on specific business concerns

All training sessions are workshops with participation and discussion

No sales pitches or product presentations are allowed.

Confidential discussion period where pertinent issues are discussed through facilitation

5:) Wrap up and summary of the day

5pm adjourn

6:) During the month a hour, individualized, one on one coaching session with the facilitator to assist you personally in areas of concern or personal growth. (Normal rate $200.00 per hour, included with membership)

Various networking, social or operational tours at the groups choosing.

Access to the facilitator at anytime.

Hard copy of the Business Book of the Month. ($25.00 per month value)

We have all heard the metaphor of "Being too close to the tree to see the forest!" CEO Solutions allows you to step back once a month and work "on your business" instead of "in your business". Those that have utilized this approach have seen phenomenal stead growth in their business!

The Outcomes:

As a member of the CEO Solutions you can expect many of the following outcomes:

A peer group of business leaders to confidentially assist you with no agenda other than mutual results.

New ideas and how to implement them, thus trial runs without the error.

A network of business people willing to work with you and challenge your best thinking.

Answers to challenges and issues facing you today as well as tomorrow.

A sounding board for your ideas and possible actions to gain accelerated results.

Personal growth through new ideas, different ideas and training that is challenging.

Expanded thinking and realization though meaningful dialog with peers.

Ways to build your business you may not have thought of through inspired thinking.

Resources that you did not have before that are candid and results oriented.

Personal renewal and group support in tough times.

Personal coaching to break through your glass ceiling so you rise above the day to day.

A confidential board of directors that drives change and continuous improvement.

The investment:

Yes this does have an investment cost in both time and dollars. The question should

be, "What is the return?"

The fees to be a member of CEO Solutions is an annual fee of $5760.00 ($480.00 per month).

The time commitment is one half day per month and an additional hour for coaching (6 hours/mo).

The fee can be once per year or billed on a quarterly basis. Monthly through a credit card is available with service fee.

Because the membership is by invite only and limited, once a group is formed and started, it is closed to new members for that year. New members may be invited and join if an existing member chooses to vacate their spot. Group size is limited to 10-12 members.

The membership is renewable each year on the groups starting anniversary date.

Included in the fee:

All 12 monthly meetings and meals. ($100.00/mo)

All training sessions, facilitator and outside experts that provide workshops.  ($1000.00/mo)

CEO Solutions manual and guide book ($100.00)

An hour each month of one on one executive coaching ($200.00/mo)

The Business Book of the Quarter. ($25.00/mo)

Ideas, feedback, confidentiality, business growth, friendship and peers. ( Priceless)

Total Annual Value: $19,600.00 /$1633.00 Monthly

Yes, if you were to obtain these services individually by yourself, this would be the cost!

 Take our CEO Effectiveness Quiz, How do you stack up?

Become a Valued Member:

If you wish to be considered for a seat in a CEO Solutions, please provide the information below and we will be in contact with you.

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Basic Requirements for membership consideration:

Currently CEO, President or Owner of a business.

Active in the business on a daily basis.

Company annual revenues of $1,000,000 or more

Are not a direct competitor of another member in the group.

Are willing to commit the time and effort required to make this work for you and the group.

Are willing to be open, trusting and honest with yourself and the group members.

Will hold all conversations, ideas and concepts discussed in strict confidence.

Be current with your annual or quarterly fees.

The CEO Solutions is offered by a component of

H. Goerger & Associates Inc.

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Thank you for selecting H. Goerger & Associates and the CEO Solutions!

Harlan Goerger, President