Introducing Leadership Unleashed:

This is the Kind of Breakthrough Training and Coaching that Will

Dramatically Enhance Your Confidence, Understanding and Collaboration

Whether it's Leadership & Executive Development, Ethical Persuasion & Management, or one on one coaching , you are about to get acquainted with someone who can provide real solutions, real motivation and real wisdom for you and your organization.


I'm Harlan Goerger and I live leadership. It's in my DNA and I've dedicated my career to showing people and companies how to experience massive, game-changing results with Leadership Unleashed:

  • Creating meaningful conversations that drill down to the core issues of the organization
  • Creating mindset changes that will demolish internal resistance and optimize performance
  • Creating a more collaborative environment that encourages high morale and consistent enthusiasm
  • Creating a team vision that can be followed with exciting initiatives
  • Creating a "change is good" mentality so that everyone in the company is on the same page

We accomplish all this with robust training sessions, workshops and webinars that focus on interaction, real world application and evergreen coaching

Can You Overcome What He Did?

We employ a vast toolbox of cutting edge methods and proven approaches that will keep participants fully engaged and motivated to perform at their best at all times 

We inform with lively blogs and newsletters to continually provide insight, ideas and reinforcement of the concepts, skills and attitudes developed.

We stay ahead of the curve with dynamic Audio and Video tools to provide alternative ways to learn, reinforce and continue the growth

It's time for you to discover the other side of training and coaching and to see what's behind the curtain so your organization can thrive instead of merely survive.

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