The Selling Gap

Selling Strategies for the 21st Century

Everyone sells something; an idea, a product, a service. The challenge is the market place has changed, buyers are more savvy, competition is more competitive and buyers more skeptical.

Can we continue to utilize the same old approaches we’ve used in the past!

The Selling Gap introduces several new concepts and tools that will set you apart from your competition, give you an edge in the buying decisions and move your selling career forward!

The science of influencing others is learning something new everyday, are you keeping up with it? The Selling Gap can get you back in step with how people buy and close  more business for you.

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Here is a sample chapter for review: Sample Chapter

How is this, comments from one of our book readers!

"I read the kindle version of your book, "Selling Gap" the same evening that I received it!  I also ordered a hard copy and have read it again and studied it a lot as I fly on airplanes often. I have your book "Bypassing No" as well.

I am a big fan of Kevin Hogan as well, and I see his influence in much of your material.  Once I get my head around how best you can help me, I will reach out to you about coaching.  Your book documents a process that I have not seen documented in any other sales book.  Where did you learn how to construct the questions? Did you develop this process on your own?"

Many thanks.

-Don Stewart, Regional Sales Manager, Healthland -September, 2011

Recommended Author

Great News Flash: September 2011, The Authors Show has The Selling Gap as a finalist in the 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading! Out of hundreds of authors we are in the final 100. Voting for the 50 will be by the public. Watch for more.

“Harlan and Greg bring their incredibly effective sales training to the printed page for a small fraction of the cost. This book is a great value. Here you can learn the strategies and tools that have improved the sales performance of hundreds of individuals and companies. This book is very readable, it’s like the authors are having a conversation with you. The techniques they teach are innovative, organized, easy to grasp and thoroughly effective. I learned a lot from this book, so will you!”

-Eric S. Knowles, PhD, Author Resistance and Persuasion

Taking your product and pull it apart to look at it in a different light is a great concept as in the Mig Analogy. We all get stuck in our way of seeing our product and do not analyze it from a different angle. This is because it works fine now and it would be out of our comfort zone to change. True salespeople look at each situation and see if their product works for that situation . Your book points out that a sales professional doesn’t sell the product, first they solve the situations that are hindering a business and if the product solves the situation mission accomplished.”

- Dean Krogen, KVLY TV Sales

“I know that my money has been invested, rather than “spent” when what I have learned has allowed me to be better at what I do. This book is absolutely and investment; one that I’m not only benefiting from now, but that will continue to “pay” dividends for years to come. A must have for your library!”

-Vince Harris, Author The Productivity Epiphany

“I enjoyed the book and the content. I found a lot of value in it. When I read sections it would remind me of things I had done in the past that worked very well, only I didn’t have any idea what I was doing at the time. From today on “I choose” to utilize the strategies in this book for greater sales success. I think the book is very good and really hits a lot of meaty subjects on how to sell to anyone.”

-Jon Becker, Wells Fargo Bank

“Sales I not just a “numbers game”. Harlan and Greg provide actionable information for the sales professional… and anyone interested in sales. The readers will soon find the authors have masterfully blended motivational psychology and neuro-linguistic programming with established sales principles. This, then provides a very effective new point of view on the sales equation. I highly recommend this book.”

-Lyle R. Johnson, PhD, MBA, President, LR Johnson, Inc.


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