Bypassing No in Business

Body and Influence Language that Reduce Resistance to Anything!


Reduce resistance to anything! Now that is really a statement, and yes one might be skeptical. Here is the reality, scientific research shows one can bypass a great deal of the natural resistance we have to change or new ideas.

With 30 specific ideas, tools and approaches that have proven to be effective, you too can get far more “yes” in your business and personal life and lot less “no”.

My coauthor, Vince Harris and myself have seen these tools work first hand in our business. They can work for you as well. The book makes the seemingly complicated, simple and easy to apply. Written with plenty of examples, dialog and comment, so you easily can apply the idea right away!

Imagine reading one section over coffee each morning and then on to that big  client meeting. This is a big one but you are calm and in control because you know the secret, what to watch for and what to do. The deal is closed and the boss wonders how you did it so easily. This can be everyday with the ideas and tools provided in Bypassing NO in Business! What are you waiting for? More important what are you missing and loosing?

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Just released August 2010.

Harlan- Thanks for writing a book and sharing it with me! The legislative process is really about dealing with people. Your book is filled with great suggestions on becoming more effective. Thanks!      Rick Berg, US Congressman 

"Bypassing NO in Business" goes well beyond the usual sales techniques and gives the reader a broad picture about how to influence people. And influencing people is what leadership is all about. The content is also about believing in yourself and finding the passion about what you care about. We find in the book all the "sales techniques" that can be found in multiple sources in one handy place. And importantly, reading about them all at once helps the reader absorb the principles of how to present yourself, your product or services and how to make a positive impression on others. This book helps the reader learn about sales techniques and leadership qualities for both the private and public sectors. Take an hour our two and study this book. Quite simply---you will do a better job!

Ed Schafer, Former Governor of ND, US Secretary of Agriculture


"Bypassing 'No' in Business breaks new ground. You'll learn how to stop wasting your energy trying to overcome objections and resistance, and simply and easily eliminate them. If you're tired of the idea that "you have to hear 'No' 7 times before they say "YES", and are ready to hear "YES" much sooner- buy this book!"

-Dr. Joe Vitale, Factor and co-star of The Secret

I wanted to let you know that I finished reading Bypassing No in Business a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to follow up with my compliments. While I can relate much of the material back to my sales training days (always good to have a refresher), I was impressed with how thought provoking and useful much of the rest of it was. I’ve already marked some passages as required reading for all sales people and executive staff. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Kevin D Bouma, President/CEO, Dakota Food Equipment November 5, 2010

“This book shows you how to build instant rapport, lower buyer resistance, and become more believable in every customer interaction.”

-Brian Tracy, Author, “The Psychology of Selling”

Principles, Tactics and Harnessing the Power of Communication wait for you as you drink in the wisdom of getting past "no" on every page of this book. Riveting at times, thought provoking at others. An excellent addition to your persuasion library.

-Dr. Kevin Hogan, author, "Psychology of Persuasion" . "Covert Persuasion"

“Exactly what I needed! This book is practical… I knew I was obtaining thousands of dollars of advice for the low price of this powerful book. As a business coach I look forward to recommending this book to my clients and watching their incomes and quality of life soar. This book is a ‘must read’.

-DR. CLARE ALBRIGHT, author of, Neurofeedback: Transforming Your Life with Brain Biofeedback

“What does it take to be maximally effective in influencing people so that they will be receptive to what you are offering? Vincent Harris and Harlan Goerger reveal to secrets for powerfully influencing others in their book “Bypassing NO in Business.” If you are ready to learn the secrets to achieving success, this is the book for you.”

-Dr. Joe Rubino, CEO,, Creator,

Goerger & Harris didn't set out to impress you with how much they know about sales and influence (and they know a lot!). Instead, they focus on showing you exactly how to use practical strategies to get to "YES" with greater ease than ever before. A powerful toolbox for anyone who wants to lead others to win-win solutions.

-Dr. Mollie Marti, Author, The 12 Factors of Business Success and Founder of

Authors Vincent Harris & Harlan Goerger are on top of their game in ByPassing ‘No’ in Business. They use interesting and entertaining case studies and examples to show how you can succeed in sales. The best part: their ideas are immediately actionable. Read the book today. Start bypassing ‘No’ tomorrow. The chapters on decision points and saying “No” to the customer to get a “Yes” are worth the price of the book alone. Based on solid research, yet practical in its application, this is a must-read book for anyone in sales—which is all of us.

-Vicki Kunkel, author of Instant Appeal: The 8 Primal Factors that Create Blockbuster Success.

"This is a real gem of a book full of practical and thought provoking ideas and stories, very rarely do you come across the combination of Sales techniques and body language in such a powerful way. A must read for all sales professionals or anyone interested in the power of Influence"

-Cillian O'Grady | Senior Director Business Development Group; Oracle Direct EMEA

“Bypassing ‘No’” is more than converting the response to “Yes”; it is creating rapport. Learn, from Harlan and Vincent, how to completely dissolve resistance. Stimulating examples for practical application … you’ll even learn what it means when a wolf smiles! You need this book; I am confident you will benefit from these powerful new tactics for “Bypassing ‘”No’”. The amazing knowledge is presented in an engaging style that makes it easy to absorb and immediately put into practice.

-Lyle R. Johnson, Ph.D., MBA, President, L R Johnson, Inc.


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