Business Expert Guide to Business Success

Business Expert Guide to Business SuccessAre you a business owner, plan on starting a business, know an owner that is struggling? This is a manual for success. A collaboration of 21 business experts boiling down their key ideas to simple straightforward ideas that have huge outcomes for your business.

This is not a what one did to make it, it is the essence of what every successful business must do to not only survive, but totally thrive!

You will discover:

    • Strategic plan design and implementation
    • Cash flow management
    • Pricing strategies for profitability
    • Leadership and strategic decision-making
    • Sales hiring and compensation concepts
    • Business development, networking and lead generation techniques
    • Sales strategies and tactics
    • Employee engagement and development
    • Self and employee motivation
    • Legal and compliance best practices

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Get great insight as what this book and Harlan can provide for you. Nancy Pristine interviews Harlan on the book, business start-up and running a business. A 50 minute


" Even though Aaron is a fictitious person, the problems he encountered are very real. Good advice for employees contemplating to go into business by themselves and wanting to avoid the painful experience Aaron had to go through"

-Christian Maurer Sales Effectiveness Consultant, Paris, France

On leadership:"What a great review of the basic essentials of successful leadership. The big mistake would be to ignore it as just another piece on leadership. The even bigger mistake would be to read it without implementing. If all you did was the matrix exercise on tasks and abilities, that by itself would be worth absolute gold! Sure, it takes time, but the ROI is huge. The information is valuable by itself. But, the real treasure is in the process of actually doing what Harlan suggests. That's when you discover the true value of what he has to offer."

-Erl Morrell-Stinson, Deep Mind Dynamics

“The Buying Process that Creates Profitable Sales”“This is the greatest article on the Buying Process”… a statement, albeit true, Harlan tells us is not the language of the customer. The practical and immediately useful information contained in this article is based on real-life experience, not seat-of-the-pants speculation. While it is true the salesperson must know the features and benefits, it is knowing the customers’ desired outcomes from use of the product / service that will yield tremendously increased sales. Take advantage of the author’s wisdom and read – nay study – this chapter.

-Lyle R. Johnson, Ph.D., MBA, President, L R Johnson, Inc.

“A book full of simple but valuable tips for business owners/leaders. Simple to read with very effective and important sales and leadership messages”.

-Cillian O'Grady | Senior Director Business Development Group, ORACLE Ireland

On Sales:Focus on profit, and you'll lose the people. Focus on the people, and watch your prospects turn into huge amounts of profit!" That's what Harlan is trying to get across! His work is critical in 'humanizing' the process of sales, making it more ethical, professional and profitable in the process. Again, it's one of those pieces where you must not just read it. Take the time to do the work, and you'll be forever thankful that you did! Too many sales people are in too much of a hurry to go out, product in hand and their 'pitch' at ready, to invest the time necessary to master the basics. But, that's like attacking a rock with a pick-axe, when Harlan's offering you the recipe for dynamite!"

-Erl Morrell-Stinson, Deep Mind Dynamics

“Leadership Keys that Drive Business”These proven Leadership Keys are the foundation upon which to build a prosperous enterprise. However, as Harlan points out in this interesting and concise article, most business owners and managers don’t use them … or mis-use them. Leadership is Leadership; the information in this chapter is applicable to Fortune 500 managers and to the sole proprietorship. I highly recommend reading this as anyone putting the 5 Keys to work will gain an unbelievable edge over the competition.

-Lyle R. Johnson, Ph.D., MBA, President, L R Johnson, Inc.

Just released August 2010.

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