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Ebooks - Specific topics loaded with insight, skills and information. These

are in a .pdf format and are download to your computer, disc or mobile product.

  • Two Concepts to Change Your Selling

    Two powerful methods that top producers apply in every sale. Move your sales career ahead today.

  • Exceeding Your Horizons

    Break the chains that hold you back. Bust through the barriers that keep you from success. A tool box full of tools that have worked for the most successful of people!

  • Account Development & Penetration

    Get control of your sales! Mine the gold that is right in front of you and get the paycheck that will change your life. A specific path to putting you in control of your future. Get new clients and maximize the profit from your current accounts.

Webinars   - These are download able audio and visual files from our International Webinars. Specific topics loaded with insight, information and visuals. These 60 minute programs are packed with secrets and ideas that will give you a great return on investment!

  • 5 Magic Questions

    The most powerful communication tools ever! Yet so few are masters of this lost art.

  • Turning Resistance to Your Favor

    There is always resistance to ideas, products or change. Turn it to your favor and make a difference.

  • Migrating To Solution Selling

    Everyone has product knowledge, the challenge is making it work for you not against you! Stand out, learn how to tap the real power of your knowledge!

  • The Power of Imaging in Persuasion

    Why are some so persuasive and others are not? How they use images is proven to move peoples thinking. Learn how!

  • Master Thinking for Executives & Leaders

    So many times choices are made on reactions rather than sound thinking. Discover the secrets to global thinking that the Billionaire use!

  • Coaching For Success

    One of the most challenging Leadership skills, this webinar introduces you to the Four Step process that can change others behaviors for the long term!

The Selling Gap - The book and supporting materials The Selling Gapto give you the edge in your selling and communications. This includes .pdf formats for the book, workbook and supporting materials. Also audio download files or CD's products.

Quick Start Sales 101 - New to sales, got new sales people? Want to get a fast start to selling success? 80% of new sales people fail because they lack understanding and skills required in sales. Get the quick start with the right skills. Package includes 8 sessions with written material, work sheets and audios.

Dr. Jonas and Back to the Future Close - Learn how top sales Dr. Jonaspeople increase their sales by some 20% just by applying these methods! Learn how to overcome resistance up front and close sales on the fist call. This package includes a DVD with Dr. Jonas presenting his methods with bonus material. The written material and Power Point Slides!

Audios - Timely recordings of interviews with top experts in their field. These 60 minute recordings give you insight and information that may not be in the books or other materials. Hear directly from the experts on how to use and apply their proven ideas. Immediate download mp3 files. $37.00 each

Books - Get Harlan's recomendations from his library as well as the books and audios from our mentors and experts. These come from Amazon so you know it's secure.

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