Numerous studies prove; more is often said through Body Language than the words we speak!

60-75% of the message can be Body Language!

Yet over  60% of Body Language is misread!

Some Fallacies in the past:

·         90% of body language is in the eyes: False

·         Crossed arms always means trouble: False

·         People can control emotional reactions:  False

·         A fake smile is better than none:  False

·         Women and men use the same Body Language:  False

What impact does this have on you!

·         Do you know if people are telling the truth or not!

·         How can you get others to like and trust you, instantly!

·         Influence your buyers or others without words!

·         Know if their putting you off or telling you straight!

·         Are you blowing your negotiations through body language!

·         Avoid being misunderstood; get the body and words together!

·         Save time dealing with the right people, eliminate the wrong ones!

·         Boost your Self-confidence and be more in control!

·         Small things count, are you sending the good signals?

Ok, I keep hearing about these Body Language experts on TV, is there any truth to what they are saying?

Be assured, more and more scientific research is conducted in social psychology every day. This program is based on scientific research from multiple sources, so rest assured there is no fluff here.

Dr. Kevin Hogan is considered an International Expert on Body Language and consults with The New York Times, CNN, Fox and other major magazines and networks. He is only one of our many resources.


What will I learn in Secrets of Body Language!

In this highly interactive and results directed workshop, key insights such as:

  • How the brain reads Body Language, key to reading others!
  • What to look for to read the truth, they cannot hide it!
  • The small things that make the huge difference, and big dividends!
  • How to interpret what the body is saying, it's not always what you think!
  • What to avoid in your Body Language, yes you can if you know how!
  • How to use space and furniture to your advantage, big influence!
  • Presentation tools that influence, without a word!
  • Small secrets that have strangers liking you instantly, small but powerful!
  • Turn the boardroom to your advantage, it's about seating!
  • Turn resistance or negativity to your advantage, simple facial movements!
  • More to be disclosed at the session, lots more!

"There is just something about that person I do not like or trust!"

Discover how to avoid this in your encounters.

You can change this, You can control this, and You can influence others!

Body Language training sessions are available for your team as:

  • A stand alone workshop
  • Key note presentation
  • Part of our other training solutions.

To best determine what type of program and schedule will get the greatest results and return,

contact Harlan and his staff.


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