Your Body Language Might Be Costing You Sales and Holding You Back In Your Career—

Discover How to Leverage Your Non-Verbals for Massive Success


How you say things is just as important as what you’re saying.

You could be sabotaging your sales, your career, your relationships, or any number of other critical areas of your life just by your body language, and the worst part is you probably don’t even realize what you’re doing!

It’s a fact that there are certain non-verbal clues that can be a dead giveaway to people who know what to look for.

But if you can harness the secrets of body language yourself just imagine the possibilities.

Let’s explore this further.

Say you’re at a job interview or making a sales presentation.

If you knew some of the secrets behind the mannerisms, and can identify the clues that your prospect is giving you with their body, you can use that in your favor to head off potential resistance to what you’re saying.

By the same token, if you know how to give off certain non-verbal clues yourself, things that can put your prospect more at ease and in a more receptive frame of mind, that can lead to a sale, a job, a victorious negotiation, anything!

Body language is a very powerful tool that can be harnessed and used to bring you success in any area of your life, but in the highly competitive business world it’s especially useful so you can get that all important edge you’ve been looking for.

August 2006, the phone rings and Dr. Hogan answers. He's lying but we need 3rd party proof. What tells you he's lying? the Times asks.

After viewing the tape  it jumped out at Body Language Expert, Dr. Hogan.

Can you  see what Dr. Hogan saw that verified President Clinton was over compensating and lying? It is in the picture!

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That’s why we’re so excited to incorporate these skills into our trainings.

You’ll make some amazing discoveries, like:

  • How to recognize the non-verbals in others so you can be more pro-active
  • How to prepare your own body language so you can make more sales and increase revenue
  • How to incorporate the hidden clues of physical persuasion into your presentations

…and much more!

Personal Insight: As a trainer and consultant I'm continually aware of others Body Language and what it is saying to me. The study of body language has enhanced my ability train others, communicate and persuade. Why, because people do tell you what they feel and think without them knowing they are doing so! Learn to read this and you'll not only have an edge but be far more confident and in control than ever before!

The value I've received from understanding Body Language is one of the reasons for teaming up with Vince Harris and writing Bypassing No in Business, Body Language and Influence Tools to reduce or eliminate resistance to anything.

Contact us and discover all the ways that body language can work for you!

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