The Problem With Sales Is???

Once more the sales team is performing, yet clients are leaving because of the "other" department that is not getting the job done!

Is this a sales problem? A department problem? Or a symptom of a larger company wide problem? Either way, customers are leaving and revenues are leaving as well, what would you do?

The scenario is discussed on The Sales Management Challenge and here is what a panel of experts say should be done...

Personally, this is a company issue that needs to include executive CEO level people. It's their job to keep tabs on how the flow is working or not working and make the adjustments. The under performing provider department should be mentored and focused on. Sales seems to be doing its job, but could use some guidance on setting expectations with the customer.

No the CEO should not micro-manage the departments, but should be orchestrating the growth and performance by coaching the department heads of both implementation and sales.


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