Obama Care on SBRx Show

We want to invite you to listen to our new radio show on AM1100 the Flag. Below is a link to the web site and the hour long show, Small Business Rx, put on by the Small Business Rx Alliance of which I'm a member.

Each Saturday at 7am Central time we'll be discussion business issues from Obama Care, cash flow, leadership, technology, benefits, marketing, finance and all the other questions and issues small business faces each day.

The Small Business Rx Alliance is a group of business experts, aligned together to address the issues business faces and to help them accomplish their business, personal and community goals.

The Small Business Rx Alliance web site is www.SBRxAlliance.com Click on radio to review the pod cast of the shows.

You can listen live on line by going to: http://am1100theflag.com/live/

Your input, questions and thoughts are always appreciated.

Harlan Goerger, Host