Engaging Harlan Goerger to speak means a lively presentation with real meat and how to apply the ideas. Not being one to simply present an idea, Harlan engages audiences to listen, take actions and achieve new outcomes. Let's get real, simply listening can educate someone, but how do you accomplish moving them to action?

With his practical no fluff approach to the topic, Harlan will bring excitement, clarity and action to your audience!

HG Presenting Five Laws of Influence at Chamber of Commerce


Five Keys to Business Leadership Success.

Business starts and then so many fail. We hear all the reasons and excuses about economy, financing, mismanagement etc. The real truth is one or more of these Five Keys were missing! Discover how easily business can be made successful and avoid the pitfalls of so many!

Selling, It Ain't About You Salesperson.

There are so many thoughts and comments about what selling is today. What confusion! Yet sales is the life blood of any business and economy, so what is it that makes a highly successful salesperson and what are the rest missing? Five simple points that make the difference, yet are missed by most!

Transforming You and Those Around You.

Everyone would like to be more, have more and give more! So how do we go about bringing more into our lives and the lives of others? Yes it does start with you and the impact simple alterations in our thinking, actions and beliefs can have on our world and those in it! No this is not the Law of Attraction or The Secret! This is about the simple things you can do right now that will increase your value, contributions to others and your personal wealth!

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To your continued success!

Harlan Goerger