Harlan Goerger, President Harlan Goerger, President

H. Goerger & Associates Inc.

When looking for assistance from outside sources, what do you want?

Fancy new ideas?

Entertainment without substance?

Or proven tools that will make a difference today and tomorrow!

H. Goerger & Associates Inc has the following mission statement:

"Doing that which positively impacts the lives of others.

Doing so through business ventures, products and services that cause positive change.

Doing the above in creative ways that provide both emotional and financial rewards."

What is Our Guarantee?

This is what any participant in our training  or coaching will experience:

Outcome : Maximized outcomes in growth and potential

They will accomplish this by developing in these areas:

  • Leadership or the ability to work with and get results through others in a collaborative positive way.
  • Experience personal growth in confidence, capability, understanding, skills and thinking.
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence  so they maximize their strengths and capabilities.

They will experience the following in their development:

  • Meaningful conversations that drill to core issues so true change can occur.
  • Change in their thinking and mind set to reduce internal resistance that holds back personal performance.
  • Develop a meaningful Vision for themselves, their business and life, their guide post.
  • Learn to question everything, this is the basis for continuous life long improvement.
  • Learn how to change themselves as they reach each peak they now can strive for the next peak.

The tools and methods to accomplish the above:

  • Training sessions, workshops and webinars that are content rich, focused on performance and behavior change with more interaction, coaching and application then lecture.
  • Direct Coaching using a toolbox of methods and approaches to fully engage the participant and challenge them for peak performance and continuous development.
  • Blogs and Newsletters to continually provide insight, ideas and reinforcement of the concepts, skills and attitudes developed.
  • Audio and Video tools to provide alternative ways to learn, reinforce and continue the growth.
  • Books and materials to provide cutting edge ideas in a concrete form that can be utilized and shared over and over again.

Who is Harlan Goerger?

Harlan is a results oriented, high creative that is driven by obtaining positive outcomes. Having been in sales of some sort since the age of 10, he understands the challenges of sales and business. After successfully growing a family Agricultural operation by 300% and operating several other business ventures with growth in the 400% area. Harlan began a 20 year career with Dale Carnegie Associates of New York. As a regional manager he successfully trained a team of sales people and develop many successful trainers for the organization.

The Sources:

But Harlan realized there is more that can be provided and more growth to be had for his clients. In seeking out such advances, resources such as Dr. Kevin Hogan (Psychology of Persuasion), Dr. Eric Knowles (Dr. Resistance), Dave Lakhani (Mass Persuasion), Dr. Dan Schaefer (Executive Coach) and others were added to the resource pool of trusted and effective knowledge resources.

In addition to new more powerful programs, multiple books have been published along with hundreds of articles.

The Books:

The Selling Gap, Selling Strategies for the 21st Century, is the first version applying ethical persuasion and influence to the sales process. Multiple new views and ideas are included in print for the first time. More on the book here. TheSellingGap.com

Bypassing No Book

Bypassing NO in Business, a down to earth application of Body Language and Influence applied together. Thirty specific influence tools and the body language that can make the difference. Uncover the hidden communications and be a true Influencer. Bypassing NO.com

Business Experts Guide to Business Success, is a collaborative work of 21 experts including Harlan. The purpose is to provide a quick yet highly effective guide for business owners and operators so they will not only grow their business successfully, but build themselves into masters of business. More on the contents and contributors. BusinessExpertGuide

Change is inevitable in business as well as life. Are you reacting to change or driving and directing it? H. Goerger & Associates aka AskHG.com is ready and able to provide you the skills and insights to be in control of your future and drive your success!